Metallic Lathers Local Union 46 will be accepting 500 apprentice applications on June 1st, 2017 at 9:00am

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Please read and follow the instructions below carefully before applying to Metallic Lathers Local 46 Apprentice Program.  Local Union 46 is an equal opportunity organization and we encourage all to apply.


Metallic Lathers Local 46 will be accepting applications starting June 1, 2017 and will continue to do so for ten consecutive business days unless the required number of applications is fulfilled in a shorter period of time.

Online recruitment will be limited to 500 applicants.  If the number of applicants is fulfilled before the expiration date of June 14, 2017, the recruitment period will end and the form will be removed from this website until the next recruitment period (yet to be determined).


Recruitment begins promptly at 9:00am on June 1 and on each recruitment day and will end promptly at 10:00am each recruitment day.  When the necessary applicants are collected the recruitment form will be removed from the website.  Please note: If more than 500 applications are accepted and confirmed with a confirmation code page, only the first 500 applications will be accepted and posted.  Each application is time-stamped and accepted into a database which will then be sorted to remove duplicates, incomplete applications and fraudulent submissions.

Important: There may be additional confirmation codes distributed (above 500) due to the intense nature and demand for an opening in our apprentice program, but only the first 500 applications will be accepted.  If there is a need to go beyond 500 applications due to duplicates, incomplete applications and fraudulent submissions, then we will take applicants — by time stamp — on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We discourage filling out more than one application; please be assured if you fill out an application and receive a confirmation code then your application has been recorded.


1. High School Diploma or (TASC) Test Assessing Secondary Completion
2. Applicants must be aware of the physical ability required to do the work of an apprentice and ironworker, which includes:
  a. Wearing a safety belt that weighs 25-50 lbs for a full day.
  b. Carrying steel rods that weigh between 50-150 lbs for a full day.
  c. Climbing for erection jobs, bridges, wall reinforcing, etc.
  d. Walking, climbing, bending, reaching, lifting and carrying for a full day.
  e. We no longer require an affidavit of physical fitness.
3. Applicants are expected to know their own limitations prior to applying.
4. Applicants must submit to drug screening, after acceptance into the program, at our expense.
5. Applicants must take an aptitude test administered by the New York State Department of Labor, upon acceptance into the program.
6. A driver’s license is favorable, but it is not a requirement.
7. Applicants may only apply once during this recruitment period. We strongly discourage filling out more than one application.


Step 1: On June 1, 2017 at 9:00am there will be a form posted at

Step 2: Fill out the form with the following information:
Last name, first name, address, city, state, zip, home phone, cell phone, email address and birth date.

Step 3: Review your information and then hit the Submit button.

Step 4: Once submitted, a Thank You page will open and you will receive a confirmation code.  Please WRITE DOWN YOUR CONFIRMATION CODE AND KEEP IT CONFIDENTIAL AND SECURE FOR FUTURE USE.


1. Results of the Apprentice Recruitment will be posted on the website at approximately 12:00 noon on the day after the final recruitment day. We anticipate that the first day will fulfill the required 500 applicants, so please check back on June 2, 2017 at 12:00 noon to check the results of the Apprentice Recruitment.
2. The results will be listed, by confirmation number, in numeric/alphabetic order, from A-Z and/or 0-10.
3. If you received a confirmation code after submitting an application, visit the Results Page and scroll through the results to see where your code is ranked.
4. If you received a confirmation code but your code isn’t listed on the Results Page then you didn’t make the top 500.
5. If you received a confirmation code and your code is listed on the Results Page you will receive an email and/or a phone call with additional information (this could take up to 18 months depending on economic conditions).  

Due to New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) requirements only the first 500 application confirmation codes will be posted on the website.

A printable version of this page can be downloaded HERE.